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Personal loans are a type of unsecured loan you can take out to cover personal expenses that have built up over time and become overwhelming or that have come up unexpectedly. The term “unsecured” in this context means that your loan won’t be backed by any form of collateral, like your home or car. It is a sum of money given to you free of any attached strings—beyond paying back the loan.

Taking out personal loans online with Money Stash come in varying amounts of money, typically up to $1,250.

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Small personal loans online or large personal loans from a bank or credit union can be used for quite a few different scenarios. Some of the most common uses for personal loans include:

  • A Large Purchase: In the face of large expenses like those where you might not have the funds to pay for it upfront, a personal loan is a great option. Personal loans can also be applied for and used to purchase something like a boat or car, going on vacation, or another big purchase like a wedding.
  • Home-based Expenses: When it rains it pours, and that is true of just about everything financial—when your dishwasher dies, so does your furnace. Or maybe you’re looking to remodel your home. Either way, each situation is going to cost a great deal of money.
  • To Avoid Payday Loans: Unless navigated carefully and conscientiously, payday loans can leave you owing your lenders much more in interest than you borrowed initially. Though not as easy to get as payday loans, personal loans are more secure and forgiving in the area of interest.
  • To Consolidate Debt: This is a big reason for getting a personal loan. If you’re juggling loads of bills and debts to the point where you can’t manage all the different payments and dates, taking out a personal loan to consolidate that debt into one simple payment could make a big difference.
  • Emergencies: We all know emergencies are unexpected and often expensive. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a car-related emergency, or something entirely different, a personal loan is a good option to consider.
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How can I get a loan with poor credit?

Personal loans and bad credit often don’t mix. Depending on how bad your credit score is, you may or may not qualify for a personal loan. In order to better qualify, you’ll need to prove you can pay a loan back by making regular, consistent payments on it. It’s also good to shop around to consider your options; some lenders might give you a personal loan where others won’t.

How much can I borrow on a personal loan?

Personal loan amounts have a wide range—anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000.

Can I get a loan without a job?

Yes, you can qualify for a personal loan without having a job that provides you with a steady source of income. However, you will have to meet the other terms set by the lender.

Do personal loans hurt credit?

As a type of installment loan which requires regular, consistent payments, a personal loan won’t hurt your credit score as much as an unpaid debt on a credit card would. In fact, paying off a personal loan can actually improve your credit score because you are using a mix of credit types.

Can I get a personal loan online?

Personal loans are available from credit unions, banks, and online. You can get personal loans online approval through various online lenders. After you’ve gone through the approval process, you’ll qualify to receive your personal loan. Getting personal loans online is often faster and might even offer lower interest rates.

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